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We hope you had an enjoyable Easter break! Today, we’re bringing you information on the, by now, many AI tools that can be used to create images. At Calvendo, we’re very open to receiving wall calendar projects featuring pictures and art work created by artificial intelligence and fine-tuned by you.

Read on for more, including background on how you can use AI for your product descriptions and metadata, plus information on our new server.

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Show us your AI-generated work

In recent weeks, Calvendo has been receiving an increasing amount of wall calendar submissions that feature images created with AI tools such as Dall-E. As a platform, we have always been open to new techniques, trends and creative experiments. Our jury will therefore consider high-quality images that are created using AI tools – and we are curious to see what photographers as well as pure-play AI artists come up with!

New to AI image generators?

AI opens up revolutionary possibilities for creatives. Never before has it been easier to turn creative ideas into computer graphics. Of course, AI software systems are not perfect and a visually trained eye, critical evaluation and post-processing of the results are required when working with AI tools.

Using AI image generators is easy: Choose one (many are currently still free), set up a test account and describe the image you want to create in a few words, so-called prompts. The system then does the job. The prompts are key for the quality of the results. You can change them and optimise until you have the desired result.

Take a look at this article for a list of AI image generator and more information on how they work.

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Use AI for improved product descriptions and metadata

Struggling with product descriptions for your wall calendars sometimes? Artificial intelligence can help! Your metadata, i.e. keywords and promotional copy, are key for ensuring that your wall calendars are visible and can be found online.

AI text generators, such as ChatGPT, can provide input which keywords to use and create copy that describes your products. Here are a few pointers that should give you an idea how it works:

Using ChatGPT to find suitable keywords
Ask ChatGPT to find 20 short-tail or long-tail keywords for the topic of your calendars. We recommend asking several questions, using different terms for the topic of your calendar to generate different keywords. Please note, you always need to critically assess the output delivered by ChatGPT (i.e. do the keywords really fit and which ones are the most suitable), which includes checking corresponding search volumes.

Use ChatGTP to generate promotional copy/descriptions
Ask ChatGPT to write a product description for your calendar and make sure that the question includes the calendar’s topic, title and subtitle. Overall, the more detailed your prompts for the AI are, the better the result will turn out. Your prompt could, for example, also include keywords that you’d like to include in your description.

Essentially, prompt writing is a matter of practising and trial and error. Just give it a go and always try different variations of your question to see what generates the best results.

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New server

In the last few weeks, we have been installing a new server system in order to be able to offer you faster access and more features in the future. We have tested the hardware and software internally and then released it for external use. You can log in as usual, create, revise and submit projects.

The new additional features for users have not yet been activated. We first want to ensure that our modernised software provides all the familiar functions for creating wall calendars in live operation. Should you notice that anything is not working properly on the website, please let our support team know so that our IT can resolve any issues. Many thanks for your support!

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