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2023 has been yet another year full of wide-reaching and groundbreaking events. The festive season is now in full swing, which also means that the Calvendo production facilities in Central Europe and North America are running at full speed to fulfil orders for wall calendars and single page products.

Speaking of groundbreaking events, 2023 will be remembered as the first year in which generative artificial intelligence was used on a large scale. Things are moving very fast now and the opportunities and risks associated with the use of generative AI are becoming very clear.

Around 15 months ago and as the first calendar publisher worldwide, Calvendo decided to publish calendars with images that were created using AI, provided they fulfil our jury criteria and clearly disclose the use of AI. Having taken this decision, we were very curious to see how our creative users, retailers and end customers would be reacting – and we can now say, that wall calendars featuring AI-images are just as well received as high-quality calendars with “human-made” photos, drawings, or illustrations, as long as those AI-creations are well made and cover topics that appeal to consumers. The difference with AI is that the range of topics and styles can be extended and becomes more diverse. Certain genres such as fantasy would be very difficult or even impossible to realise with conventional photography. With AI tools, such wall calendars creations become feasible and appeal to new target groups. This means that in our Calvendo world, the use of AI leads to opening up news markets instead of market displacement.

2023 was, of course, not only about AI. Over the past year, we have continued to develop our IT systems, invested in technology and optimised distribution for international requirements. At the same time, we had to find ways to counter external cost increases or cushion them with internal savings and additional sources of income in order to keep, among others, our calendar prices stable.

At the end of this year, we would like to say a very big thank you to all our creative wall calendar makers as well as to our business partners and anyone who has shown an interest in what we are doing. We very much appreciate your loyalty, commitment, patience, and the constructive feedback we receive from you and are looking forward to more creative adventures with you next year.

We hope you’re having a joyful festive period (and that your calendar sales go well!) – wishing you a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and only the best for 2024. Stay healthy and take care!

Your CALVENDO team
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